Screw Conveyors

We design and manufacture our screw conveyors to minimise maintenance costs and downtime and optimise performance and longevity. We evaluate your project requirements and use standardised engineering processes to ensure you receive a screw conveyor fit-for-purpose.

conveyor industries incline screw conveyor

Screw Conveyor Features and Benefits:

  • They can have multiple inlets and discharge points
  • Can conveyor vertical, horizontal, or on an incline
  • We design and manufacture both conventional shafted and shaftless screw conveyors. We recommend a shaftless screw conveyor for sticky products containing high moisture like wastewater sludge.
conveyor industries screw feeders
conveyor industries screw feeders

Screw Feeders

  • Screw feeders meter bulk materials from a hopper at a controlled rate
  • A standard screw conveyor is usually fed by another conveyor and the amount of discharged material is proportionate to the amount introduced at the inlet.

See in a Project Case Study:

conveyor industries conveying equipment waste tyres

Conveying Equipment for New Waste Tyre Process

The client developed a new waste tyre process that will stop three million used tyres a year from being sent to landfills.
Turnkey Silo Storage System

Turnkey Silo Storage and Screw Conveyor Discharge System

The project scope was turnkey and included design, construction, and site installation of the silo and screw conveying system.
conveyor industries multi screw surge bin

Live Bottom Bin and Metered Feed System

We designed, fabricated, supervised installation, and commissioned equipment for a new particleboard plant.
conveyor industries silo install

Silo with Conveying and Processing Equipment

We were commissioned to supply and install a 500 TPH silo which could be directly filled pneumatically or by bucket elevator.
conveyor industries wood pellet plant conveyors

Conveying Equipment for Wood Pellet Plant

We manufactured various conveying equipment and provided site layout design and ancillary equipment like handrails, walkways, and ladders.
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