Conveying Equipment for New Waste Tyre Process

conveyor industries conveying equipment waste tyres

The client developed a new waste tyre process that will stop three million used tyres a year from being sent to landfills and instead use them in cement manufacturing.  “This innovative project is a win-win-win for the environment. It reduces a significant waste problem, reuses a valuable resource, and reduces carbon emissions by about 13,000 tonnes a year,” Environment Minister David Parker said (Fletcher Building, 2021, para. 3).

We were commissioned to design, fabricate, and supervise installing a bespoke feed and conveying system for the fuel. The system consisted of a flat bottom feed hopper, walking floor, screw feeder, belt conveyor with belt weigher, drag chain conveyor, sorting screen, 180 m long air-supported belt conveyor, and screw conveyor transfer into the existing plant. 

We worked with third-party suppliers who provided the walking floor and screen components into the system. We also provided access, support structures, and guarding solutions for this part of the project.

Fletcher Building. (2021, March 30). Golden Bay Cement sustainable disposal solution for waste tyres a New Zealand first.

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