Air-Supported Belt Conveyors

We manufacture our air-supported belt conveyors fit-for-purpose, with optimum performance and reduced downtime and maintenance costs. We evaluate your project requirements and use standardised engineering processes to ensure you receive an air-supported belt conveyor that is cost-effective and long-lasting.

conveyor industries air supported belt conveyor

Air-Supported Belt Conveyor Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for spanning long distances at height
  • Efficiently transport bulk materials with a cushion of air to support the belt and load
  • Walkways are not required, with no moving components between the tail and discharge pulley
  • The reduced belt friction minimises belt wear and motor horsepower requirements
  • Conveyor enclosures are also not required due to the weathertight design
  • Eco-friendly, produces minimal sound, and less product degradation

See in a Project Case Study:

air supported belt conveyor

Air-Supported Belt Conveyor Site Upgrade

We designed, fabricated, and supervised the install of a fully enclosed, long span air-supported belt conveyor to transport bulk materials.
conveyor industries conveying equipment waste tyres

Conveying Equipment for New Waste Tyre Process

The client developed a new waste tyre process that will stop three million used tyres a year from being sent to landfills.
conveyor industries multi screw surge bin

Live Bottom Bin and Metered Feed System

We designed, fabricated, supervised installation, and commissioned equipment for a new particleboard plant.
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