Hoppers and Surge Bins

We manufacture hoppers and surge bins fit-for-purpose with optimum performance. We use standardised engineering processes to ensure you receive a hopper or surge bin that is cost-effective and long-lasting.

conveyor industries hopper
conveyor industries multi screw surge bin

Hoppers and Surge Bin Features and Benefits:

  • Our hoppers are ideal for storing bulk materials at a large capacity
  • Our multi screw surge bins discharge product at specific flow rates and prevent hard to handle product from bridging
  • Our screw feeders are used on the outlet of the surge bin to meter product at a consistent/controlled rate to another process

See in a Project Case Study:

conveyor industries blending hoppers

Fertiliser Blending, Screening, and Dispatch

Our client developed a greenfield store for the storage and dispatch of fertiliser to its shareholders.
conveyor industries multi screw surge bin

Live Bottom Bin and Metered Feed System

We designed, fabricated, supervised installation, and commissioned equipment for a new particleboard plant.
conveyor industries masonry block plant install

Masonry Block Plant

We supplied hoppers, belt conveyors, and FRP walkway platforms and modular machine guarding for a masonry block plant.
conveyor industries silo install

Silo with Conveying and Processing Equipment

We were commissioned to supply and install a 500 TPH silo which could be directly filled pneumatically or by bucket elevator.
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