Conveying Equipment for Wood Pellet Plant

conveyor industries wood pellet plant conveyors

We have extensive experience providing conveying equipment for Nature’s Flame wood pellet plant in Taupo, the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Nature’s Flame manufactures premium heating fuel made from wood shavings and sawdust sourced from the timber processing industry. 

We helped design the plant that opened in 2010 to allow for future expansion. The project build included an intake system, drying, sieving, size reduction, dry storage, and pelleting. We manufactured various conveying equipment and provided site layout design and ancillary equipment like handrails, walkways, and ladders. We are now working on the expansion, with Nature’s Flame’s early plan to double its capacity now coming to fruition. 

The known fragility of wood pellets is a key concern when determining the best way to move the material. Biomass materials are often deemed “difficult to handle”– prone to dusting and some hazardous or combustible. We understand the product flow characteristics and the optimum way to handle it with minimal degradation. We used our industry knowledge and experience to ensure the plant equipment provides optimum production and efficiency. 

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